Anh Tuan Nguyen, social media coordinator, is an aspiring therapist with goals of serving the youth of the Vietnamese-Catholic community. Having been a youth minister for 10 years, he’s worked closely with high school aged youth and college young adults leading youth retreats.
He is now dedicating more of his time to raise mental health awareness in the Catholic Church. Starting grad school at Santa Clara University in March of 2022, he aspires to accompany youth and young adults as a therapist. His love for the catholic faith and mental health advocacy led him to create an instagram where he talks about his catholic faith and mental health. Check him out at @followthegeese.
Anh currently also works at NAMI Santa Clara County as a FaithNet associate coordinator for the Vietnamese community. His own experiences in catholic seminary during the height of the pandemic revealed to him that he was called to serve the world by accompanying others spiritually and mentally. He understands better the intersection of spirituality and mental health and wants to help others navigate that intersection as well.
He hopes to share and create content to reduce stigma and make mental health more understandable to the general public. Follow us at @namisantaclara to see some of his work!