Rafal comes from Poland where he received his B.A. equivalent in acting from the famed Polish Film, Television and Theater Academy.  In 1997 he also received an M.F.A. from UCLA.

In 2017, following a mental breakdown, he was diagnosed with multiple mood and learning disorders, after living with them since childhood.  He is a bachelor, and has two sons, one of whom is courageously and successfully living with schizophrenia.

Following completing the Intensive Outpatient Program at La Selva,  Rafal walked into the Connection Recovery Support Group meeting, and never really left.  Today he is coordinating the program and facilitating the group meetings.  He makes the In Our Voice Presentations.  And he is one of the Peer Mentors working directly with the most vulnerable – those who have just left the hospital.

Having to leave his beloved theater behind, due to his diagnosis, Rafal found meaning in life in helping others on their mental health recovery path.