Job Profile 

The Events Manager will be responsible for managing, planning, organizing, and coordinating all events/meeting for the nonprofit, National Alliance for Mental Illness Santa Clara County (NAMI-SCC). This will include overseeing, coordinating and implementing all aspects of NAMI-SCC’s largest marque event, NAMIWalks Silicon Valley, in accordance with the NAMI National Planning Manual. 

This position will be reporting the Executive Director.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities 

The Events Manager performs a wide range of duties including but not limited to: 

Planning and Organizing 

  • Plan and organize events in accordance with financial and time restraints 
  • Perform research in order to gain deep understanding of different requirements and details of each event including appropriate venues, vendors, etc. 
  • Events will vary from the walk to holiday drive, lunches, celebrations, picnics, etc. 
  • Be creative! NAMI-SCC is interested in creating new events to raise money and create awareness 
  • Complete a Social Media Plan with a timeline for all events 
  • Communicate all event details with committees and staff 
  • Plan, schedule and organize time lines for all events 
  • Recruit and work closely with the volunteer committee 
  • Handle, coordinate and oversee all event operations 
  • Track the overall event expenses on an ongoing basis 
  • Carefully supervise event preparation activities 
  • Offer solutions to resolve problems in a timely manner 
  • Analyze and evaluate event’s results 
  • Create and present reports on a regular basis 
  • Manage a budget for the events 

 NAMIWalks Silicon Valley (Marque Event)

  • Work closely with the assigned National Walk Manager and the National NAMIWalks team 
  • Responsible for procuring Sponsors for the walk 
  • Develop relationships with various vendors to get in-kind sponsorships 
  • Recruit and develop volunteer Team Captains for the Walk 
  • Complete and submit all Walk related reports that are requested from the National NAMIWalks team 
  • Coordinate all walk planning meetings and order printed materials 
  • Develop a timeline of all activities for the Walk 
  • Coordinate and plan the Kick Off Luncheon for Sponsors and Team Captains 
  • Coordinate all mailings to Sponsors, and Team Captains 
  • Coordinate all PR related to the Walk 
  • Maintain complete records related to the Walk including Sponsors and Team Captains 
  • Motivate Team Captains with frequent communications about fundraising and recruitment 
  • Coordinate all Walk Day activities 
  • Coordinate post Walk recognition program 
  • Coordinate all incentive materials for Team Captains and Walkers 
  • Complete a comprehensive post Walk income/expense report within 8 weeks of the Walk 
  • Coordinate NAMIWalks sponsor and team captain contacts with other fundraising activities managed by staff and volunteers 



Degree in marketing, program management or related experience 

3 to 5 years’ experience in a related field 

Knowledge, skills and abilities 

  • Experience in program management, marketing and event planning 
  • Experience in coordinating, fundraising and online fundraising 
  • Passion for a nonprofit and mental illness 
  • Advanced knowledge of Social Media and able to create a plan for each event 
  • Portfolio of successful events and press releases 
  • Sense of ownership and pride in your performance and its impact on NAMI-SCC success 
  • Team player 
  • Bring creativity and new ideas 
  • Good time-management and organizational skills 
  • Great interpersonal and communication skills 

Proficiency in the use of computers for: 

  • Microsoft Office 2016 
  • Simple accounting 
  • Social Media 
  • E-mail 

Personal characteristics 

  • Behave Ethically: Understand ethical behavior and business practices, and ensure that one’s own behavior and the behavior of others is consistent with these standards and aligns with the values of the organization 
  • The Events Manager should demonstrate competence in some or all of the following: 
  • Build Relationships: Establish and maintain positive working relationships with others, both internally and externally, to achieve the goals of the organization. 
  • Communicate Effectively: Speak, listen and write in a clear, thorough and timely manner using appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques. 
  • Foster Teamwork: Work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problems, and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness. 
  • Lead: Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization. 
  • Make Decisions: Assess situations to determine the importance, urgency and risks, and make clear decisions which are timely and in the best interests of the organization. 
  • Organize: Set priorities; develop a work schedule; monitor progress towards goals; and track details, data, information and activities. 
  • Plan: Determine strategies set goals, create and implement actions plans, and evaluate the process and results. 
  • Solve Problems: Assess problem situations to identify causes, gather and process relevant information, generate possible solutions, and make recommendations and/or resolve the problem. 

Full-time: 40 hours a week

Pay: $80,000.00 per year

How to apply

Please send your resume to