An Interview with Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg about Bedlam by Moryt Milo

Dr. Kenneth Rosenberg, a psychiatrist who specializes in addiction medicine, is also an acclaimed documentarian who explores issues on mental illness. A Peabody Award-winning producer on the subject of mental health, Dr. Rosenberg has produced six films for HBO and three for PBS. Dr. Rosenberg’s most recent documentary, Bedlam, was first screened in 2019 at the Sundance Film Festival.
The film, five years in the making, is a scorching denouncement of mental healthcare in our nation. Dr. Rosenberg wrote, directed, and produced the film, after first penning his book Bedlam: An Intimate Journey Into America’s Mental Health Crisis.

In an interview with NAMI-Santa Clara County, Dr. Rosenberg discusses the film and his mental health advocacy.