Welcome to NAMI!  These documents and links are an excellent introduction to the many mental health related programs, services and events that NAMI Santa Clara County offers free of charge to our local community.  The NAMI Helpline\Help Desk mails or hands out a hard copy Welcome Package to people new to our services. For your convenience, here are on-line versions of the same documents.

handshake loveThe NAMI Welcome Package Includes:   

  • Welcome Letter – Greetings and introduction to NAMI Santa Clara County from the Executive Director
  • Anosognosia Fact Sheet – Information about “lack of insight” into mental illness
  • How to navigate a mental health crisis – Download this document to learn what to do when your loved one has a mental health emergency. NAMI developed this guide to support people experiencing mental health crises, their friends and families by providing important, sometimes lifesaving information. This guide outlines what can contribute to a crisis, warning signs that a crisis is emerging, strategies to help de-escalate a crisis and resources that may be available for those affected. Also included is information about advocating for a person in crisis along with a sample crisis plan.
  • Current NAMI Resource Guide and Newsletter – The Resource Guide contains crisis and community referral information, NAMI education classes and programs, and a list of support groups for individuals and their families offered by NAMI and other organizations.  The  monthly Newsletter contains information on current NAMI news and events.
  • NAMI Peer To Peer program  – Detailed description of NAMI’s free, nationally recognized education course for people living with mental health challenges
  • NAMI Family To Family program  – Detailed description of NAMI’s free, nationally recognized education course for family and friends of someone with mental health challenges
  • Helpline Help Desk Information – Describes our Helpline Help Desk contact information and services.  Check our our HelpIne FAQs.

Recommended Books

The following excellent books are recommended by NAMI Santa Clara County, especially for people new to dealing with mental illness.  They are available at the NAMI office (1150 S. Bascom Ave, Suite 24, San Jose; open M-F, 10 am – 2 pm) for a $20 donation, or you can order them on Amazon.com or another book website:

For a Consumer (someone with a mental health challenge):

  For Family members and Friends: