Schizophrenia Updates-Mental Health

General Meeting, May14, Schizophrenia Updates

Dr. Jacob Ballon is our May 14 general meeting presenter. Dr. Ballon will discuss the current pipeline of medications for schizophrenia, focusing on the medications in clinical trials at the Department of Psychiatry at Stanford University. He will touch on the different mechanisms and how that may make for fewer, or at least different, side effect profiles but also why these medications may work well with existing ones.

General Meeting, March 12, TRUST

What is TRUST? How and when did TRUST start? How to use TRUST? Who makes up the TRUST team? TRUST (Trusted Response Urgent Support Team) is a community service that helps Santa Clara County residents during an urgent mental health or substance-use situation. TRUST’s team of responders includes behavioral health staff from community organizations. Team…