Our vision for this program is to increase mental wellness and encourage independence for persons with a diagnosed mental health condition through the support of their peers. The Community Peer Program was created for those with a mental illness (Participant) who are motivated to establish stability, the capacity to maintain wellness, and the practice of self-care through mentorship from someone who has lived experience (Peer).

NAMI Community Peer Program

Receiving a diagnosis with a mental health condition can be a traumatic experience. You can feel hopeless and alone. Please know that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!

Studies have shown that in addition to medical treatment and psychotherapy, social connections play a significant role in recovery.

NAMI Community Peer Program is a 4-month program designed to assist motivated individuals in their wellness and recovery, by connecting them with a Peer, who is also living with a mental health diagnosis and is doing well in their own recovery journey.

A motivated individual is someone with a mental health condition, who is trying to find a way to deal with that diagnosis, learn more about their condition, and gain hope for a better future.

The peers in this program are NOT counselors or therapists. They DO NOT fix, save, give advice or set the participant in this program straight. Instead, they share the journey of living with a mental health condition and work with the participant in taking steps towards their wellness and recovery. Click HERE for the flyer.

What Can I Expect From This Program?

The peers in this program are NOT counselors or therapists. They do not fix, save, give advice, or set a participant straight in their time together. Instead, peers help establish S.M.A.R.T. goals, recommend resources that may assist the participant, suggest opportunities for social engagement, encourage self-advocacy with the participant’s providers, and outline potential areas for lifestyle adjustments. They share the journey of living with a mental health condition and work with the participant in taking steps towards their wellness and independence.

For up to four (4) months a Peer will provide support to the Participant in the following ways:

  • Two (2) calls per week from a Peer, lasting 15 – 30 minutes
  • One (1) visit per week, lasting 1-3 hours within the local community (Santa Clara County).
  • The Participant will set goals, practice self-care techniques, and become more independent.
  • The Peer will share resources, promote self-advocacy, and present options for growth.

After receiving treatment and following their doctor’s directions, the Participant will remain open to:

  • Attendance at support and/or recovery groups suggested by the Peer.
  • Identify and practice coping skills with the Peer that work best for the Participant.
  • Practice social engagement by meeting outside their home or occasionally for coffee/snack.
  • Adopt self-care routines that promote wellness and instill confidence in this Participant.

How Do I Request A Peer Connector?

Peer Connectors* are well-acquainted with the struggles, fears, isolation, and hopelessness that all who are experiencing a mental illness may face at times. They are in a unique position to relate with and understand their participant’s experience. We take great care to match peers and participants who will work well together in addressing the expectations of both. We are focused on the best match given the information we receive from the participant.

*Note: Only a person with a mental health condition may request a Peer Connector. NAMI-Santa Clara County’s Community Peer Program does not accept referrals to the program from family, friends or mental health professionals.

There are two (2) ways to submit your application to the Community Peer Program:


Community Peer Program
NAMI Santa Clara County
1150 South Bascom Avenue, Suite 24
San Jose, CA 95128

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           Print/Save the completed application, then scan/attach and email it to:  CPP@namisantaclara.org             

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