Neuroimaging of Trauma (NeT) Research Study

The Neuroimaging of Trauma (NeT) study uses neuroimaging to understand more about how exposure to traumatic experiences in early adulthood affects the brain. Participants will be asked to come to the San Francisco VA Medical Center for several research tests, including a psychological interview, blood tests, and an MRI of the brain on 4 separate days, over the course of two weeks to 1 month. 

Moms on a Mission

By Moryt Milo  (June 8 General Meeting)    When Teresa Pasquini and Lauren Rettagliata released their “Housing That Heals” paper in May 2020, the study struck a nerve in the mental health community, and the women knew why.    “There was so much truth in what we were saying,” Teresa said.    A truth that advocated for local, state, and federal policymakers and community partners to think beyond the Housing First model and to…

Stanford Teen Mood Research Study

The Stanford Neurodevelopment, Affect, and Psychopathology (SNAP) Lab is looking at how mood affects the brain and body. More specifically, patterns between biomarkers (like markers of stress/inflammation in the brain and blood such as cortisol, cytokines and brain functioning) and depressive symptoms in adolescents.

Judge Manley Lauds Virtual Hearings, Effectiveness Increases

By Moryt Milo When the pandemic forced court hearings onto virtual platforms, Santa Clara County Superior Court Judge Stephen Manley took his Behavioral Health Court hearings to the “client”—the Judge doesn’t refer to individuals as defendants. The judge met his clients virtually in their environments — in residential treatment facilities, homes, apartments, treatment programs, riding…